5TH AVENUE BLACK PATENT Fibi and Clo Sandals!

5th Avenue Black Patent is the hottest shoe since the relaunch of Fibi and Clo. What is Fibi and Clo?  Take a look under the photo.

Night or day. Jeans or a dress. This versatile, yet dazzling design was inspired by the different shops, restaurants and townhomes on 5th Avenue.  For more on 5th Avenue Black Patent, click here

What is Fibi and Clo?

fibi & clo’s mission is to give every woman the opportunity to determine her own destiny, and walk her own path to success. fibi & clo accomplishes this by designing fabulous sandals and products and cultivating an environment of teamwork and encouragement.

To see the Fibi and Clo line, click here!

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