Bath Bombs, Salts and Soaps

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What are Bath Bombs?

They are fizzy balls you drop in the tub. They create a soothing spa like experience that you can enjoy from home. They leave the skin silky soft and feeling refreshed. You also get the benefits of the essential oils.

Our huge bath bombs are a whopping 4.5 ounces and come in so many amazing colors, scents and oils! Some even have surprises inside, like our Pokemon Bath Bombs (have a boy who won’t take a bath? Try This!) Just pop it in your bathwater and watch it fizzle! Your skin will be amazingly silky and you will smell beautiful!  See our complete line of Bath Bombs, starting at just $6!

Throw your bath bomb into your bath water and watch it fizzle!
So many choices…
so many amazing scents!
Grapefruit Tangerine
Pokemon Bath Bombs have surprise toys inside!
Snickerdoodle smells so yummy!
Also, be sure to check out our Sassy Scrub, Bath Salts and Soaps, starting at just $5!

Sassy Scrub
Bath Salts: Relax away in our amazing bath salts. All cruelty free. Great for muscle aches and pains! Chose your favorite scent and drift away in a hot bath or soak those tired aching feet. You’ll love our ready to use bath salts. Each bag weighs approx 4 oz and is good for 2-4 baths. Just sprinkle in your desired amount. Let dissolve and enjoy. No colorants are used in our bath salts unless stated.